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Sunday's Meetup for Member Dues and New Sign-Ups

Hello everyone. The board has decided to extend Sunday's (03/24/24) meet up for dues renewals and new member sign-ups by one hour. We will now be there from 10:00AM to 1:00PM. If any members are not able to make it that day then please email us at and we will try to make arrangements during the week or the renewal forms can be mailed to:

Bustleton Swim Club

PO Box 6123

Philadelphia, PA 19115

We have also decided to extend the deadline for member dues until Monday, April 9, 2024 to accommodate people that were not able to make it last week, or tomorrow because of Saturday's inclement weather. As long as the dues are postmarked on, or before, April 9, 2024 you will not be assessed the late fee.


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